HTML tips


Quick Techniques To Follow In Creating HTML

Full form of HTML is Hyper Text Makeup Language. It is a language used to develop a web page. People get the basic idea in school level and on further studies can improve their work HTML tips.

Some Techniques For Improvement

You can use some HTML tips to improve your skill. There are many but we list down 10 of them here:

Always close your HTML tags, style HTML using style sheets wherever possible, use an HTML validator, use the HTML comments wisely, embed images in HTML (if possible use relative URLs, i.e. relative to the document and not absolute URLs), specify heights and width with HTML image using <img>, use no breaking space to keep few letters together if needed, for tabular data use tablet and for layout use CSS, the best way to create an empty cell is with a non breaking space, use 1 pixel x 1 pixel transparent GIF to control the padding between page elements like images, texts and table cells.

Keep Learning

There is so much to learn about any topic to achieve perfection. Keep practicing every detail to improve your work each time. Any person who knows to form a web page can help you learn this. There are online tutorials with detailed guide line on this topic. If you are keen to know about it more and looking forward to create one yourself you should start right up. Don’t waste time over thinking and get started. More info